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Cameron & Kelly Studio is Cameron Clark and Jamelle Kelly. You are getting a partnership when you hire us, we enjoy each others' company, we laugh, and we utilize the dynamic of having two creative minds collaborating. Together we are passionate about what we do and it allows us a lot of flexibility and versatility. Although we both enjoy big city life, living in this small town is just right. We can still travel all over the world to shoot weddings and yet return to a slow-paced vacation town and have our business meetings on the ski lift. Our commute on 89-A to Sedona events was just named one of the top 10 scenic drives in the US and we live 75 miles away from one of the Seven Wonders of the World - we can't complain! Arizona never ceases to amaze us and we are lucky to make a living in this gorgeous state.

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Cameron Clark

Photography is the greatest and only job I've ever had. Yet if you asked me if I would wind up in Flagstaff, Arizona building a boutique photography studio, I would've said, "Where?" Before moving here in 2003, I was a photojournalist at a newspaper in Athens, Georgia. I relocated to Flagstaff with my husband because I always wanted to return to the west. Admittedly, I thought I'd spend half the year shooting weddings and half the year working on documentary photography projects. Then, something unexpected and wonderful happened: LIFE! Lots of mountain biking, traveling, and two kids later, my documentary work took a back seat to my growing wedding business and endless western adventures. And I was happy to discover how my photojournalism roots made me a fantastic "people photographer." In fact, I owe my career to my first wedding clients, Amber and Dave, for being so emotional when they first saw their wedding images. I had never experienced such a personal connection with my documentary work; that's why wedding emotions still keep me motivated. There is something truly touching about being part of someone's wedding day. Two hundred and fifty weddings and 13 years later, I am still here chasing "people photography," with perfect moments and perfect composition. Yet it's often the moments in between that are most memorable - perfectly imperfect and always real. I live in downtown Flagstaff with my husband, Matt, and our kids Owen and Harper. I couldn't ask for a more ideal place to raise children. I enjoy my small town life but also loving traveling and servicing our clients all over the world.
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Jamelle Kelly

When I decided to attend Northern Arizona University because Flagstaff seemed like a charming town, I didn't realize how influential that decision would be in my life. That decision - and that charming town - became the foundation for my photography career and for my family.After falling in love and marrying my college sweetheart, I promptly realized that our family has a rich heritage in Arizona. My kids are seventh generation Arizonans and enjoy exploring the beauty beyond Flagstaff's charms. I have pursued photography since 2003, but was thrilled to turn my passion into my career after meeting Cameron in 2007. Since she couldn't live without me (true story), we became business partners and created Cameron & Kelly Studio, a boutique based in Flagstaff that serves discerning clients worldwide. In addition to being the second photographer Cameron & Kelly weddings, I also lead the portrait and printing department. That role parlays perfectly with my recently completed MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University. Outside of my photographic pursuits, I take time to enjoy family, especially adventures with my children Naomi and Blair. One of the greatest - and most rewarding - challenges in life is creating a harmonious balance between home and business. To achieve this, I focus on surrounding myself with uplifting and motivating people who challenge me both as an artist and as a mother.
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